Industries We Serve

Industries where we are serving are Metal & Steel, Power & Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plant, Agro Chemical Plant, Pharma Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Utility Plant, Food and Beverage Industry, Textile Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Sugar Industry etc.

In all these Industries or Plants, most of Mechanical Equipments are common like Tank, Pressure Vessels, Pump, Blower, Heat Exchangers, Doing Pumps, Impellers, Shaft, Mechanical Seal, Chiller, Compressor etc.

We are providing all these Equipments to Industries in-terms of Manufacturing of Equipments, Supply of Equipments and Services of Equipments.

Metal and Steel Industry

Power and Energy Industry

Oil and Gas Plant

Chemical Plant

Agro Chemical Plant

Pharma Plant

Fertilizer Plant

Utility Plant

Food and Beverage Industry

Textile Industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

Sugar Industry

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