Supply of Heat Exchangers

Our Credentials:

We are Authorized dealer of One American Company which is a Heat Exchangers manufacturer. We Supply the different types of Heat Exchangers which are most suitable for Customer process. Here, we supply the following Heat Exchangers:

  • ¬†Spiral Heat Exchanger for Condensing Duty, Viscous Application, Vacuum Duty,
  • Liquid-Liquid Duty,
  • Plate Heat Exchanger,
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger,
  • Gas Liquid and Gas Gas Heat Exchangers etc.

We can design and supply the various range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers as per ASME and TEMA Guideline.

Manufacturer have well presence in

Types of Heat Exchangers:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchangers

Spiral Heat Exchanger for Condensate Duty
Spiral Heat Exchanger for Chemical, Viscous / Slurry Application
Spiral Heat Exchanger for Vacuum Duty

Type of Fluid / Gas Application

  • Fouling liquids
  • Liquids containing solids or fibres
  • Liquors
  • Slurries
  • Sludges
  • Gases & pure vapour
  • Mixtures with inert gases
  • Cooling and heat recovery
  • Vapour/liquid-condenser
  • Vacuum condenser
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