Supply of Centrifugal Pumps

Our Credentials

We are Authorised dealer of One Indian Company which is a Pump and Mechanical Seal manufacturer from more than a decade. Here, we are supplying the different types of Pumps which are most suitable for customer requirement. Like Positive Suction Pumps, Negative Suction Pumps, Vertical Pumps etc. for different Industrial use. Manufacturer have well presence in HPCL, Oman Refinery etc.

We as manufacturer, are one of the reputed Pump Manufactures in International Market. We have developed Chemical Process Pumps in High Grade Investment Casting having very smooth finish resulting in better efficiency. We have highly precision machining-work-force maintaining Shaft deflection within 20 Micron and bearing end plays less than 20 Microns. Our back pull-out design enables quick dismantling of Pump for inspection or repair of rotating elements very easy. Our Testing facility is as per latest standard of IS-11346. Each and every Spare is precisely and thoroughly inspected to maintain the quality of Pump.
All pumps are fitted with high quality Mechanical Seals and running trial of Pumps are taken to draw the Performance Characteristic Curve at 1450 and 1750, 2900 & 3520 R.P.M.

We have supplied our most of the Pumps and Spares to Dubai, Saudi Arabia and London in addition to local market and established very good product image with excellent performance results. Repeat Orders from all these Clients are regularly being executed.

For project Orders we offer Pump to third party inspection approved by consultant as per Quality Assurance Plan. Our range of products have capacity from 3 m3 /hr. to 1250 m3 /hr. and Head 0.1 bar to 15 bar. Special Pumps below 3 m3/hr. for clear liquid also can be manufactured on request.

For your any requirement of Chemical Pump, please fill-up Technical Data Sheet and send to us. We will be very prompt to send you our most competitive offer, meeting all requisite parameters to the highest grade of efficiency.
We are committed to provide you the highest standard of personalized service and outstanding value all the times.


It’s our great pleasure to introduce our API Pumps made by using latest technology and software. There is general belief among Chemical and Petrochemical industry fraternity about API class of pumps is high cost, as compared to ANSI or ISO class pumps. Yes, it is true. However, this is not the complete story. They also recognize that API pumps are way superior in respect of safety aspects, reliability and life cycle cost. In current scenario of Petrochemical and Chemical process plants to take full advantage of economy of scales, it is  further recognized that on account of unforeseen or even frequently planned outages cost industry dearly, and added investment is easily recovered by reliability and longer MTBF/MTBM of API Pump.

API pumps are characterized by main distinguishing factors like

  • High pressure ratings of the fluid containment enclosure of casings (Min. pressure rating of 40 Bars).
  • Centreline support to eliminate effect of high temperature operation on displacement of pump centreline in vertical plane.
  • Bearing life of 25000 Hrs. plus (approx. 3 yrs)
  • Higher allowable nozzle loads, reducing pressure on piping in respect of stress relieving expansion joints/ loops.
  • Rigid base plates, with complete fills inside the cavity of baseplates, provides solid heavy foundation, and keeps vibration levels to lowest possible limit.
  • Balancing of rotating components to within G1.0 grade.
  • Limiting operating vibration levels to within 2.5 mm/s-RMS
  • Using stronger shafts to keep deflections to much lower values, thus improving Bearing and seal life. Stiffer shafts permit lower wear ring clearances, thus improving hydraulic efficiencies.

List of Liquid we serve

  • Aqueous  Formaldehyde
  • Acetic Acid
  • Benzol
  • Corn slurry
  • Dye liquor
  • Effluent
  •  Degumming oil
  •  Fatty acid
  •  Ink
  •  Lube oil
  •  Lubricating oil
  •  Methanol
  •  Lubricating oil
  •  Naptha
  •  Nitric acid
  •  Polymer
  •  Polyol
  •  Refined oil
  •  Turpentine sludge
  •  Starch slurry
  •  Sulphuric Acid (95%-98%)
  •  Sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde
  •  Sea water
  •  Solvents
  •  Urea Formaldehyde
  •  Water

Horizontal chemical process pump

Horizontal pumps are a design where the pump head is located adjacent to the motor on a horizontal plane. Connected with or without a coupling, they can be baseplate mounted if long coupled, or with simply a footplate if close coupled.

They are one of the most widely used pump. They are using for most following applications areas:

  • For handling chemicals, acids, slurries, solvents, hot water
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Paper plants
  • Steel plants
  • Effluent & sewage plants
  • Textile plants
  • Molten Sulphur Service.

Vertical molten sulphur pump

Vertical Molten Sulphur Pumps are specially designed for long life and trouble-free performance. The Special design for Molten Sulphur incorporates bearing intermediate bearings made of special Teflon compound, and lubrication by Molten Sulphur injected through a line tapped from discharge pipe. Line is adequately insulated/ jacketed to ensure lubricating sulphur in molten state.

Vertical liquor, tar, sallury pump

Vertical Sump Pumps are specially designed for long-life, trouble-free performance. The special design of Intermediate journal bearings & high machining accuracy maintained by our team, gives added life to the pumps.

Up to 6500 mm Shaft length and up to 1500 M3/Hr. capacity & are suitable for coal washeries, mines, cement plants, irrigation, sea water, effluents, Liquor, Tar etc.

Elevated temperature pumps

Chemical and petrochemical industries often require pumps to handle liquids at high temperatures. High temperature in the industrial practice means the temperature that range from 100 Deg. C to as high as 350 Deg. C.

High temperature operation also incidentally has to address the high vapour pressure of the liquids handled. Oxidation when it encounters atmospheric oxygen resulting in coking, formation of inflammable vapours, at times formation of explosive mixtures with atmospheric oxygen.

In order to address various demanding requirements emanating from high temperature operation, following are some of the key features to be considered in pump design:

  1. Heating of the pump from atmospheric condition to the operating high temperature of the liquids results in considerable linear expansion of the pump casing, shaft and other wetted parts. Centreline support of casing for temperature above 200o C. is an Industry norm, to negate the change in alignment between driver and pump.
  2. Differential thermal expansions call for careful selection of running clearance for wetted mating parts.
  3. Consideration of steam Jacketing of pump casing to bring at a reasonable temperature accounting for heat losses, so as to enable hot start-up of pumps, where so desired.
  4. Pump to motor alignment protocol to be reasonably established to account for changes in position of drive motor shaft centreline and pump shaft centreline, while it operates at high temperature.
  5. Mechanical seals to be appropriately selected including suitable quenching facility, flushing liquid cooling, Jacketed stuffing box cooling, proper venting of stuffing box to avoid vapour blocking, and eventual dry running of seals and damage.
  6. Installation of suitable cooling plans for bearing housing with fins cooling, heat shield/deflectors, and cooling fans in some cases as needed.
  7. For high temperature liquids operating near boiling point at the operating pressure condition, NPSH margin consideration is inevitable to avoid cavitation.

Note :
We are providing Pump which is Very Suitable for High Temperature Application Areas

Cartridge chemical process pump

  • Head : up to 65 Mtrs.
  • Capacity : up to 40 m3/hr
  • Cartridge Pump
  • Very compact design; Similar to Monoblock Pumps

Semi open impeller process pump (side discharge):

  • Head : up to 15 Mtrs.
  • Capacity : up to 1500 m3/hr

Semi open impeller process pump (top discharge)

  • Head : up to 150 Mtrs.
  • Capacity : up to 250 m3/hr

Self priming pump


  • Pump Model : 80 x 80 – 160, 40 x 40 – 110
  • Head : up to 35 Mtrs
  • Capacity : up to 73 LPS
  • Solid Size : up to 40 mm
  • Drive : Engine / Motor

Manufacturing and Testing Facilities

We have Complete Manufacturing and Testing Facilities in our Plant.
Here we have Set of CNC machines, VTL machine, VMC Machine, Impeller Balancing Machine, Hydro Test Bench, Pump Test Bed, Computerised Test Bed Facility etc.  We have well experienced Team of Engineers and Technicians.

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