Manufacturing of Equipment and Spares

Fabrication of Tank Like Vertical Tanks, Horizontal Tanks, MS Tank and SS Tanks

Tank is very important equipment of any plant. Tank is used for storage of liquid in process or as storage to discharge the final product. Tank may be design as Vertical Type or Horizontal Type. Tanks may be of Metal and Non-Metal. In Metal, it may be of MS or SS or Aluminium.

We have our own workshop where we are manufacturing the different Metal Tanks as per client need.

Fabrication of Pressure Vessels Like Vertical Type, Horizonal Type, Light Structures and Heavy Structures

Pressure Vessels are very crucial equipment for any plant. As it has pressure inside so again it is very critical equipment to maintain continuously like yearly thickness check etc. Pressure Vessels are design Vertical and Horizontal. Designing of Pressure Vessels is depending on various factors.

We have our own workshop where we are manufacturing the different size of Pressure Vessels.

We are also Fabricate the Light Weight and Heavy Weight Structures.

Manufacturing of Impeller & Shaft

We are manufacturing the different impellers like Open Impeller, Semi Open Impeller, Closed Impeller etc. Material of Impeller as per customer requirements like MS, Cast Iron, Aluminium, SS 304, SS 3016, SS 3016L etc.

We are manufacturing of different type of Shaft like Plain Transmission shaft, Stepped Shaft, Machine Tool Spindle etc. Material of Shaft will be as per customer requirement like MS, SS, Alloy Steel 40Cr etc.

Manufacturing of Mechanical Seal, Journal Bearing, Labyrinth seal etc

As the Mechanical Seal is one of the very crucial elements of any pumps, pumping systems or agitators. We make mechanical seals with utmost precision, high-end engineering, superior material quality.

We are also manufacturing Mechanical Seal as per customer requirement like Single Spring type, Multi Spring Type, O ring Type, V ring Type etc.

We are also manufacturing the Journal Bearing and Labyrinth seal as per Customer Requirement.

Manufacturing of Valves

We are Manufacturing the Valves as per customer requirements like Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Globe Valve, Needle Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve etc.
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